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Installing a new central heating system with high efficiency condensing boiler system controls will save you money on your annual heating bills.

Boilers are rated according to their efficiency in converting gas to heat. This is the SEDBUK rating – Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK.

SEDBUK ratings range from A to G, with A-rated boilers being more than 90% efficient! If you have a boiler with efficiency of 80% or less, it may be worth replacing it with a modern condensing boiler which offer efficiencies of up to 97%. This could dramatically reduce your gas bill and carbon footprint!

•Boiler Installations

•Power Flushing

•Boiler Servicing

•Install Boiler controls

•Boiler Repairs

•Immersion Heaters

•Radiator Installations

•Vented and Unvented Cylinders

•Worcester Preferred Installer

Facey Plumbing & Heating Specialists offers excellent value for money, with a promise that the price we quote, is the price you pay, no hidden charges.

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